Paddle Name: Obsidian 16 
Average Weight: 7.8 oz
Core Material: SensaCore Polypropylene
Paddle Surface: Raw Carbon
Paddle Thickness: 16 mm / 5/8”
Paddle Length: 16- 3/8”
Paddle Width: 7- 3/8”
Handle Length: 5-¾”
Grip Size: 4-⅛”
Grip: GAMMA Honeycomb

Gamma Obsidian 16mm


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Players that love to control the court and a sleeker paddle head design will feel right at home with the GAMMA Obsidian Pickleball Paddle. The tapered edges allow you to bring the paddle where you need it, when you need it. By reducing drag with its specialized edge design, the paddle has faster swing speed that gives you a critical advantage. Combined with the raw carbon hitting surface, you’ll have the unbelievable spin needed to send opponents all across the court for the ball.

The thin profile allows you to have a generous sweet spot, making this paddle’s potential easily accessible at all times. The feedback from the thin design lets you dial in the exact amount of power you need to shut out your opponents and claim the game.

The long handle works in tandem with the sleek grip to make maneuverability a breeze. These features all offer a paddle that has great reach, control, and response for players that need a strategic paddle for their strategic mind. Whether it’s singles or doubles, you’ll be keeping your opponents guessing your next move. Opportunity and strategy is your style, and the GAMMA Obsidian Pickleball Paddle has you covered.