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COLOR: Black / Blue

CORE: PP Honeycomb

SURFACE: CARBON (4x Each Side)


WEIGHT (G): 234g

LENGTH (MM): 419mm

WIDTH (MM): 190mm




Oliver Stream 1 Carbon – Blue

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Paddle Surface:

The Carbon surface allows for a lot of spin and enhances control.  This paddle is the perfect blend of power and control and is designed for controlled soft shots and powerful spin shots.  The Carbon makes it flexible and durable.


This Stream-1 paddle has a Polypropylene Honeycomb core sandwiched between four layers of Carbon on either side. The large honeycomb cells offer both control and power. The core thickness is 13mm which is a mid-range core thickness that offers both the control of a thicker paddle and power of a thinner paddle.

Handle Length:

This superior Paddle with an extended grip length of 140mm as opposed to standard paddles with a grip of 130mm, is suitable for players with larger hands, or tennis players who like to use two hands on the backhand shot.

The Grip:

Our standard grip is 110mm circumference, however we suggest using an overgrip or double grip if you require more cushioning.  The additional cushioning is helpful in absorbing some of the impact if you suffer joint pain such as arthritis or tennis elbow. It is also proven to reduce arm muscle fatigue.


The Stream-1 paddle is a heavyweight paddle which means you don’t have to swing as hard to produce power as there is more weight behind the ball.  This also provides effective dinking as the shorter swings reduce the room for error and you have more time to get into position. Heavyweight paddles tend to be more stable on impact reducing on-edge wobble impact, thus reducing errors.

Face Width:

The Stream-1 has a slightly elongated face and narrower in width (290mm x 190mm)
which enables it to provide more reach, power and maneuverability.  The elongated shape is popular amongst singles pickleball players.

These paddles are USA Pickleball Association approved.

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