Enhance the stability, control, and power of your pickleball paddle with the Standout Tungsten tape. This innovative product allows you to personalize the feel, performance, and balance of your paddle by adding weight. Unlike toxic lead commonly used for customization, our tungsten tape provides a safer option, ensuring peace of mind during use.

With a 30-inch roll that can be easily cut to the desired length (each inch weighing 1g), you can effortlessly adjust the weight of your paddle to suit your preferences. The strong 3M adhesive featured on the tungsten tape guarantees a secure connection to your paddle, while the easy application process involves wiping down your paddle’s edge guard, cutting the tape to size, removing the backing, and applying it to the edge guard. Compatible with 13mm, 14mm, and 16mm paddles, this tape is a must-have for players looking to fine-tune their equipment for optimal performance on the court.

Standout Lead Tape


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